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Selecting The Scholor

Award of the Scholarship will be based on

  • A Mathematics assessment
  • Financial need
  • Family background
  • Student Motivation

Fifth, sixth and seventh grade students of exceptional mathematical ability and having financial need are encouraged to apply. Exceptional ability means being in the top 0.5% (i.e 1 in 200). Financial need means a monthly income less than Rs. One Lakh per month. Candidates meeting stringent criteria will be invited for further assessment of their mathematic ability. Short listed candidates will be interviewed with their parents present and assessed further.


Developing the Scholor

Selected Scholars will be awarded upto a 7-year scholarship for middle, secondary and higher secondary education. A Mentor will be appointed for the overall academic development and mentoring of the scholar. One-on-on private tutors will be engaged with emphasis on mathematics and English. Throughout the 7 years, a spirit of excellence and pride in achieving for Pakistan will be instilled. In the final two years, the Scholar will be guided in the admission process at elite international universities.


Financing the Scholor

The scholarship value will be at least Rs One Lakh per year with disbursements authorized by the Mentor. Disbursements will be for a monthly stipend, private tutoring and miscellaneous needs. A Mentor will be appointed for the overall academic development and mentoring of the Scholar. The Scholar will be enrolled in a local school which best meets his/her needs. An annual review of the Scholar’s performance will be conducted by a three-person Scholarship committee headed by the Mentor.


Why 5th, 6th and 7th grade?

The Scholarship will be awarded to students on completion of 5th, 6th or 7th grades. The rational is as follows. Firstly, in some Provinces of Pakistan each year 5th graders are given examinations, the results of which can be used as an initial selection criterion. Secondly, the transition from Primary to Middle School is generally made after 5th grade and the Scholarship Program will be able to select an appropriate middle school for the scholar providing continuity. Thirdly, upon completing 5th grade the Scholar will still have 7 years before Higher Secondary School graduation which is an adequate period to develop the scholar’s potential and also to attain fluency in English.

Why Mathematics?

Many in the field of psychology and neuroscience consider mathematical ability to be innate and it is generally recognized that those having exceptional mathematical ability are gifted. Furthermore, through testing it is possible to fairly quickly and accurately assess one’s mathematical ability in comparison to others. With this in view, the results of the mathematics examinations given to millions of 5th graders each year by the Provincial Boards provides a cost effective and quick way to identify scholarship candidates. Students with this ability can also be exceptional in the physical sciences particularly physics and astronomy.