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Scholarship Terms & Conditions

Gifted and Talented Young Pakistani Scholarship in Mathematics



A Mentor will be assigned to the Scholar to mentor and oversee progress. The Mentor will meet (online) on a monthly basis with the Scholar and the parents for a general discussion and review. The Mentor will assign tutors and in conjunction with them establish the course of study.

Scholarship Benefits

The Scholar will receive a stipend of up to Rs 10,000
The Scholar will receive 3 hours of one-on-one online tuition in mathematics each week.
The Scholar will receive 2 hours of one-on-one online tuition in English each week.
The scholar will be provided with specialized resources, books in mathematics etc. that may be needed.

Scholar Responsibility

The Scholar must be enrolled and attend a school on a full-time basis and perform satisfactorily in all subjects.
The Scholar’s home must have internet.
The Scholar must regularly attend tuition sessions. If the Scholar consistently misses sessions, then the monthly stipend and Scholarship may be withdrawn.

Annual Review

An annual review of the Scholars performance will be assessed by a 3-person Academic Committee of which the Mentor and Mathematics Tutors will also be members.